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About Us

     Within the TWWORK Group, Hyue-De Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. was the first to be setup in the year 1986. With our sound reputation, excellent market strategy and strong sales capability, we expanded our distribution networks and market share extensively within the Taiwanese pharmaceutical industry.

       TWWORK Group then established two additional companies, Taiwan -Work Co., Ltd. and Develop-Work (De-Wo) Information Co., Ltd. in 1996.  These two companies were established in an effort to expand into e-commerce for pharmaceuticals, helping it to direct TWWORK Group's integrated business management strategy.

     TWWORK Group is an agent for 1800 different types of medical manufacturers worldwide. Our distribution of pharmaceuticals has exceeded NTD$320 million.

     Besides our competence in marketing and distributing pharmaceuticals, our e-commerce solution provides platform e-services that allow physicians and pharmacists to successfully network via Internet.

     Our distribution networks extensively cover clinics, pharmacies, hospitals, medical organizations and medical communities, giving us the ability and scale to provide the most efficient services in the medical and pharmaceutical industries.

     Our Mission involves friendly and courteous service, professionalism and superior customer care.  And by integrating the most advanced Internet and information technology into our marketing and distribution networks, we are able to provide a more articulate supply chain which forms an efficient and effective bridge between the needs of supply and demand.  


    ð Toll Free:0800-031132 ð E-Mail ðAddress: 2F., No.3, Ren 1st Rd., Ren-ai District, Keelung City 200, Taiwan (R.O.C.).

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